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is part of the Prasinus Holdings group of companies.


Prasinus Holdings Ltd

Championing and delivering 'green' business


EcoHaulage Ltd

Environmentally-friendly transport and logistics


EcoUrea Ltd

Full service solution and NOx reduction technologies

Prasinus Holdings Ltd


Prasinus Holdings is Ecourea’s parent holding company. It’s corporate centre is in the UK.


It was established to enable UK and international business to both become more ‘green’ and environmentally considerate and benefit from the economies of scale created through environmental efficiencies.


Preasinus helps customers, businesses, and corporate operations reduce their air and chemical pollution from all types of day-to-day work through the solutions delivered by our ‘eco’ branded companies.


Ecourea Ltd


Ecourea provides full service solutions to businesses wanting to create a more sustainable and environmentally compliant operation, and is a leading global manufacturer of NOx reduction technologies and products.


Ecohaulage Ltd


Ecocalibre provides environmentally-friendly transportation, transport planning, and logistics. Services include short and long haulage, to & from shipping, and project-based transportation solutions.

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