Environmental policy

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Environmental Policy



At                             , our business is all about enabling our clients’ businesses to; comply with key environmental legislation, actively reduce their NOx emissions, and preserve the environment.


We are driven by this fundamental environmental policy. It sets our approach. It also sets out our commitment to developing a culture of environmental awareness.


We operate within the maritime, manufacturing and engineering sectors. We will work to ensure our clients comply with industry regulations as set out by the governance of these sectors.


Scope of the policy


This policy covers two perspectives; (1) our business and the business environment – “the way we work”, and (2) the approach all of our directors, staff, and associates towards environmental issues – “how we work”.


The policy


This policy has three elements:

1. Promoting good environmental practice within our client businesses

2. Environmental management and complying with key environmental legislation – both product-specific and within wider business operations

3. Promoting good environmental practice within our own workplace


1          Promoting good environmental practice within our client businesses


We will use our knowledge and experience to promote and advise on good environmental practice, particularly in relation to:


  • All tailored urea solutions used to abate NOx, reagents, coolants and systems

  • Our work on clients’ sites, ships, factories, plants, premises and transport

  • Ensuing our clients stay compliant with environmental legislation and benefit from taxation subsidies for good environmental practice

  • The principles of sustainable development and pollution prevention


Our approach towards environmental management is partnership working, whereby we work with all stakeholders in the business relationship ensuring good environmental practice is developed through understanding needs (and deficiencies), imparting knowledge, addressing environmental issues and providing feedback.

2          Environmental management and complying with key environmental legislation


As our aim is to enable our clients to become more sustainable businesses, reduce NOx emissions, and help them comply with key legislation. As well as our approach towards good environmental management practice when on client sites, we will also follow the same principles for the elements of our work that are developed and carried out on our own sites. 


We will comply with all wider environmental legislation as set down by the UK government (eg, Environmental Protection Act 1974,  Climate Change Act 2008, Energy Act 2020) and worldwide through international environmental agreements (eg, International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships, Paris Agreement 2015, Kyoto Protocol 1997).


We will comply with all key legislation and quality standards in respect of:

  • The production and supply of Marine Urea and tailored urea for plant, machinery, industry and wider services, reagents, and Selective Catalytic Reduction (such as ISO22241, ISO18611

  • Supply chains, mechanisms, tanks, operations and maintenance in our production facilities and storage and handling facilities


Allied to this, we will develop and review our business processes to ensure compliance with key quality standards; ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001.


3          Promoting good environmental practice within our own workplace


In addition to doing business the right way, we will also promote environmental awareness from within through the way we work. This will reinforce and demonstrate our commitment to being an environmental business.


From our directors and managers through to our operations staff and back of house support team, we will:

  • Take every opportunity to champion good environmental practices in our workplace (e.g. recycling, travel, reducing the volume of ‘paper’ used in the workplace, IT, awareness, training)

  • Regularly review our approaches to ensure we always practice what we preach

  • Encourage our staff to use their skills to help promote environmental awareness

  • Provide training and guidance, and access to information about environmental compliance and good practice within the workplace

  • Maintain a programme of continuous improvement in environmental performance

  • Work with key suppliers to encourage them to develop complementary environmental best practice.

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