Our culture of quality

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Our culture of quality

                            offers not only high quality products which comply with all ISO quality standards, but also a ‘full service solution’ to our clients. Our guarantee of service quality comes as standard.


To be able to make our guarantee of product and service quality we promote a culture of quality within ECOUREA which covers products, services, expertise, staff, training and ethos. This is led, and driven, at director level whereby our directors spend the majority of their time on the front line, working with clients and leading projects. This demonstrates our commitment to quality from the top downwards.

It also flows through our organisation and its operations.


We aim to gain the respect of our clients with a high-quality product and a consistent level of service. Many organisations in the marine, shipping, manufacturing and construction sectors – in which we operate – will naturally focus on their processes and practices because of the nature of the industry. ECOUREA understands this and we have spent many years developing and fine-tuning our products and services to meet your needs.


This is how we are able to provide our guarantee of product, service quality, and operations.


Product quality


ECOUREA is a leading global supplier of Marine Urea® (AUS32 & AUS40). It is our flagship product. It complies with ISO 9001, the international standard that specifies requirements for a quality management system. ECOUREA manufactures all Urea Solutions to Marine Urea® ISO 22241 & ISO 18611 standards. 


Customers who receive Marine Urea® are guaranteed optimum quality that will preserve the Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system and provide consistently higher levels of NOx reduction. This ensures that international and local emission standards are always met.


SCR systems are sensitive to potential chemical impurities in Marine Urea. As such, it is essential that high quality standards are in place, and we ensure that ISO 22241 (AUS32 / AdBlue) and ISO 18611 (AUS40) meet these to ensure fluid quality.


Distilling processes throughout our manufacturing cycle are constantly monitored in order to achieve optimum quality. We also know that quality can be compromised during the transportation, handling and storage of our products. So, to safeguard our fluent product integrity we place strict controls on our dedicated transportation systems (i.e. road tankers or IBCs). These are dedicated to pure urea solutions, but are still subjected to further cleaning before and after usage. This approach is maintained at all times – our products are pure and we do not want each compromised when it leaves our factories. 


This guarantee is what our customers expect. From the factory all the way to the end outcome, we ensure the transportation complements our product quality because adverse effects can cause costly damage. This can cause downtime. As this would be very costly for our clients, our maintenance of product quality is reinforced through our culture of quality.


We monitor product quality throughout the development life cycle. A mix of both external quality measures which are visible to our clients – such as defects, reliability, or security – are tracked alongside internal quality measures not visible to our clients – such as how it conforms to our spec, maintainability, and process quality.


Within the manufacturing sector, in addition to national standards, we also set our products to comply with the ISO 22241 standard.


We get our products checked independently.


Because we adhere to strict product quality standards, we are able to pass this guarantee of quality on to our clients.


Service quality


Whilst ECOUREA has a wealth of experience in the manufacture of quality products, our service quality is reinforced through two key components of our business; we run an advanced logistics network through which we distribute and transport our products and we offer ‘full service solutions’ to clients. In order to drive these elements of our business we rely on quality of service.

Our approach to service quality:


Commitment to providing a quality service from the top: our directors lead from the front.

We promise a full service solution and our directors work directly with our clients out on the front line to act as the driving force. Our culture of service quality then flows back through to operational team and the back of house administrative support team. Everyone in the team buys into our quality values.


Customer focus: our work is client-driven, and we understand the sector in which we operate. Our work is endorsed by our clients. There are some case study examples of this in our projects


Continuous improvement: our industry is constantly changing and we always aim to stay up with the latest developments and pass our knowledge on to our team, and client teams. This way we enhance the service we can offer.


Process management: our systems and the way we work is set up help provide solutions to client problems rather than having a set process or structure or way of going about things. Our processes enable solutions to problems rather be one size fits all.



Quality culture


Our people drive our culture of quality. We promote operational quality.


Our operations staff are led by our directors who reinforce the quality standards through providing guidance, training, monitoring and encouraging our people to undertake external training and learning.


Our principles of quality are:


Buying-in to a culture of quality; we strive to achieve buy-in to quality of service and product quality from all our staff


Understanding the principles of quality; our product knowledge and understanding of the sector is comprehensive


Flexibility; our flat organisational structure means we all focus on quality more easily, offer better value for money, and provide better quality of service than large, inflexible organisations


Recruiting the type of people who will drive our business forward; our business is technical in nature and we recruit technical specialists, operational specialists from within the sector, and administrative support staff who will be comfortable with the technical environment


Training; our flatter organisational structure means we can roll-out organisation-wide training easily and quickly


Fostering a team culture; we never forget that our international organisation is still one team nevertheless, and regularly get together to review our work


Our people values; we foster a culture of close-knit teams. We promote a culture where everyone listens to everyone else’s ideas. If our people grow, so does our business.


Innovation; we actively encourage our team to innovate and constantly try out new ideas.

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