Our values

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Our company values

We think our business is unique. We are a small business, operating in a global market place. Our customers benefit from this.


Our company values show why.


Our business values


  • ECOUREA was founded as a family business.  We will strive to grow and expand into the global market place but always retain a ‘family’ culture towards our people, and never lose sight of our roots


  • We work in partnership with our customers, helping their businesses to thrive through our ‘full solutions’ support service


  • Our directors won’t spend all day behind a desk, they will be out on the front line working with customers directly.


Our environmental values


  • We are an environmental business. Our work will always aim to promote a better and more sustainable environment for all


  • We practice what we preach. From our transportation across the global market place right down to our processes in place at our head office in York, everything we do is environmentally-friendly


  • We go about things in the right way. We care about the environment and we work with customers that feel the same.


Our people values


  • We have a close-knit team. We promote a culture where everyone gets stuck in, and everyone listens to everyone else’s ideas.


  • Our team may be small, but the trust we place in them is big.


  • If our people grow, so does our business. We make that happen.