Reagents, when used in conjunction with a Selective Catalytic Reduction system (SNCR) to reduce nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions, turn NOx into harmless nitrogen and water.


ECOUREA specialises in the production and supply of Marine Urea® for this purpose.


We also produce and supply other reagents for the shipping, automotive and manufacturing industries.



40% Urea solution for the industrial sector keeping them in line with the IPPC Directive (Directive 2008/1/EC).

AUS32 – AdBlue® (DEF / ARLA)

Current transport legislation requires most transport operators to use Adblue (AUS32) throughout Europe, the United States of America, and internationally.


ECOUREA produces and supplies AdBlue. It is a 32.5% urea solution that is widely used in the automotive industry with Specialist Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology to reduce NOx emissions from diesel engine vehicles.


The AdBlue produced by ECOUREA can also be used with marine SCR units in the same way as Marine Urea®. Some vessels have calibrated their SCRs to run on AdBlue to ensure compliance with the ISO-22241 standards for AdBlue.


Similarly, since the implementation of ISO-18611 for Marine Urea®, many vessels have also switched to AdBlue as well in order to achieve higher levels of NOx abatement.


ECOUREA is a one-stop supplier of AdBlue. By working with partners, we have achieved cost-effective production and supply which keeps you compliant and sustainable.



Caustic Soda – 50% Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH)


The 50% Sodium Hydroxide Solution produced and supplied by ECOUREA is used with SOx abatement technology (mainly scrubber systems found in exhausts).


By spraying our caustic soda solution, mixed with fresh water, on to the exhaust gas, up to 97% of SOx emissions can be reduced, ensuring compliance with legislation.

Other Products

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NOx Reagents

ECOUREA offers a wide range of reagent solutions from AdBlue AUS32, Marine Urea® AUS40, Ammonia Hydroxide, Hydrated Lime and many more NOx reduction reagents.

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SCR & SNCR Systems

We supply SCR or SNCR systems for all different types of industries and applications for example, Marine Vessels, Offshore Rigs, Cement Factories, Power Plants...


Raw Chemicals

We have a wide portfolio of raw chemicals from Urea Prills to Hydrated Lime. Ask us and we would be more than happy to assist.


Marine Urea

Offering AUS40 manufactured to the Marine Urea® quality license for international NOx compliance.